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Search tool

In the upper right corner of every page there is a text box, where you can type words to search for. The Find button searches for pages containing those words. First it gives a list of pages containing all the given words, and if you typed more than one, it shows a button labeled "Extensive search", which you can click to find pages containing any of the given words. Note that the discussion forum has its own search function.

Font size

You can adjust the font size of these pages by rolling your mouse wheel while pressing the Ctrl key. It can also be adjusted through your browser's menu; Usually View -> Text size.


These pages are configured to automatically transform into a printer-friendly form while printing, which saves ink. If you wish to have the logo symbol printed as well, you must enable background colour and image printing through your browser's settings. See your browser's help files or support pages for instructions.


Some pages contain embedded video clips viewable within your browser window. You must have Flash Player 7 or newer. When you hover your mouse pointer over a video clip, it shows the playback bar with the following functions: Play, pause/resume, stop/rewind and mute. The voice in the clips is in Finnish, but most videos contain English subtitles.