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Introduction *

Introduction *


The universe is eternal.

The visible universe has a beginning which is based on eternal motion.

Motion is eternal.

Motion = energy.

Motion = pushing force.

Eternal circulation is based only on pushing force which is motion.

Therefore pulling force/arching space does not exist.

Thus the motion/energy of which the visible universe was born existed yet before the visible universe came into existence out of it.

In the eternal and infinite space there are extremely dense and massive objects that are very far away from each other. All of them are located far outside the visible universe and the expanding visible universe protrudes away from one such object. Thereby the expanding condensations absorb motion originally from other similar objects to themselves. This is the matter of motion/energy i.e. remains of very old detectable kind of universes.

These extremely dense and massive objects recycle the eternal motion/energy among each other and during this action there are detectable kinds of galaxies born out of the extremely dense motion/energy that is directed away from those very objects.

If there were no remains of the old universes that still have areas of different densities protruding in the contrary direction no detectable kind of visible universe could ever be born.

First the supermassive objects in the centers of galaxies are born out of zillions of individual condensations that expand and recycle the expanding motion/energy among each other.

The external motion/energy protruding towards gets the expansion of these objects to accelerate very strongly at the same time. As a result there is suddenly an extremely great pressure in the center of a large area with no gravitational force at all.

Now there is outward expanding motion/energy being pressed from the center of this area out of which new expanding stars come to existence by the aid of the external motion/energy in a similar manner. Also new detectable kind of matter is born consisting of the cores of expanding atoms that recycle among each other the expanding motion/energy with a nature of expanding light.

In this case the external motion originates from a supermassive object in another galaxy’s center that also expands in a manner that expanding motion/energy protrudes outward of it. This expanding motion/energy has the nature of expanding cores of atoms and thus it also has the nature of expanding stars.

Space is eternal and infinite room that is nothing at all.

Therefore space does not expand or arch.

The general redshift of light does not prove that expanding space exists.

The bending in the trajectory of light for example when passing the sun does not prove that arching space exists.

So called gravitational redshift of light does not prove that gravitation or arching space exist.

The phenomena in question are a proof of photons expanding and recycling expanding motion/energy among each other and therefore the light generally redshifts during its journey. Therefore the light bends when it passes the sun and therefore the expanding light protruding outward from the dense star gravitationally redshifts so to speak.

New expanding photons interact with old expanding photons that originate from other galaxies of the superbunch/cluster of galaxies. Interacting with new expanding photons the speed of old expanding photons increases and therefore the old light generally redshifts so to speak.

Expanding photons that are originally from billions of galaxies protrude towards the expanding sun. These photons have recycled expanding motion/energy during their journey and the motion/energy protrudes towards the sun in the areas in between the expanding photons and then collides with the expanding photons that are protruding past the sun getting their trajectory to bend towards the expanding sun.

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Entropy working in every level, also very small! I mean, inside quarks and photons too! Of course! Or if not, WHY NOT?


Expanding condensations vs. expanding space

Those who believe in the Big Bang theory, believe in the existence of a an expanding
space! But no one is capable of explaining of what is making the expanding space
expand, or how it does it! No one can tell what happens to the expanding space when
it expands!

I have asked and I have received these kinds of answers!

Question: What happens to the expanding space when it expands?

Answer: The metric coordinate system of the space is growing.

Question: Where is based on?

Answer: It is based on the expanding of the space.

As you can see, there doesn´t exist a well founded answer to this, not yet anyway!
No one can tell what kind of system the expanding space in itself is!

The Onesimpleprinciple- model is able to explain how the condensations of the
visible universe are expanding all the time three-dimensionally outwards to already
existing space, which is an eternal and infinite space of nothing!

Every system/condensation contains movement which is always pushing force! The inner
motion/pressure is based on recycling. That means that the expanding system consists
of smaller expanding systems which are recycling expanding motion/energy among each

With this inner motion/pushing force the expanding system/condensation is able to
slow down the speed of the energy of the pushing motion/energy expanding from the
outside, making some of the pushing motion from outside to its own inner motion.
This newfound inner motion/pushing force can be used to do the same again and all
the while gain increasing motion/energy which, as an inner motion, is object´s inner
pushing force/pressure which makes the condensation expand/scatter to bigger and
bigger area to an eternal and infinite space of nothing!


The condensation itself consists of smaller condensations that recycle the eternal motion in a corresponding way and therefore the inner motion/pressure gets the thing in the system to scatter to wider and wider band with help from pushing force.

The bigger band the expanding motion of the subject scatters to, the more motion of all background protrudes through it and the more it gets that motion to its own inner motion/energy/pushing force.

So the condensations that form all the backgrounds motion no longer expand in the same ratio as the expanding motions that form the visible universe do and that is exactly why they keep pushing more and more through the expanding condensations of the visible universe all the time.

The further forward the visible universe protrudes, the less motion/energy (not dark energy) of all background have the expanding condensations ahead been able to eat/absorb to themselves. That is also why there is more and more motion/energy of all background available for the expanding condensations of the visible world all the time.

In this way the Onesimpleprinciple model is able to explain how and why the expanding condensations expand outward to the already existing space. And since a portion of the inner expanding motion/energy is directed out of the expanding condensation, functions that expanding motion/energy as a pushing force by the aid of which the expanding condensation is able to push other similar expanding condensations/concentrations away from itself.



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You can also listen / audition (same time when you read my text /idea) MUSIC FROM KUOPIO

If you want to perceive and understand how the universe actually works, you have to forget almost all of the things that the existing theories claim to be facts. Initially forget about pulling force, expanding space and curved space completely. These concepts are not understandable by humans, and never will be. They are similar concepts as the gods. We do not need dark matter or dark energy to explain any phenomenon.

According to The Big Bang theory, galactic clusters supposedly remain in the same area that supposedly expands while galactic clusters move further away from each other, move away from each other.

At one time it was claimed that the Earth stays in one place, but it does not.

Nowadays galactic clusters allegedly remain in one place, but they are persistent, and have never stayed.

Concentrated energy within the visible universe forms an energy field which moves as a whole to a certain direction and moved to that direction even before our substance and the substance of our time was born.

Light is generated from concentrated energy consisting of matter and the visible universe is moving concentrated energy formed by the energy field with the speed of light.

The whole energy field moves as a whole in a fixed shape which doesn’t get altered in any way.

Extremely small particles, even 1000 billion years old are encountered on occasion that seem to pass through concentrated energy formed by the energy of the universe through the field up to overnight. There is nothing strange if you are able to perceive the whole picture.

These absorb all the time and energy into quarks and particles such as photons. Thus all of the visible energy concentrations expand three-dimensionally.

Energy concentrations in visible universe forms an energy field that expands as a whole.

It pushes all the time "new" pre-existing condition that has nothing at all. State which does not expand.

All energy concentrations do not expand in the same proportion and that is why we see such an old light generally as redshifts.

Photons are relatively small particles of concentrated energy and they move quite a long distance. Simultaneously substance, such as the solar system is totally in different circumstances and thus the difference can be noticed in relation to the old light.


In this context, energy means all concrete and tangible matter that exists. Nothing else exists. Only concentration (= in a space where there is endless and more dense matter) that are generated from energy can be called concentrated energy. The volume and the thickness of concentrated energy vary in an infinite empty space. The concentrated energy might have a charge or have none. The charge exists and it is preserved if the particle emits light in waves that are thick enough.
You can read more about this from my website

The energy is eternal.

The matter is not eternal.

There is only one and same matter which is divided into different particles concentration. This is what we call energy.

The matter is generated from perpetual energy.

In the matter there is different concentrated energy.

There is more concentrated energy inside the quark than outside the quark.
This energy moves towards quark in different and even smaller concentrations. As they move through the quark part of them loose their composition which get stuck on quark in the same way, from a group of fish some fish are caught in fishing net.

Quarks are spherical particles that act like fishing nets.

The center of concentrated energy that is moving through the quark, does not get stuck on quark, because (center) it is too small dense and solid.

The part of concentrated energy that is cleaved on quark, increases the quark energy and will act as a part of network energy which works as a spherical fishing net. This is how energy is being fixated on quark continuously.

The matter does not change into energy.

The matter consists of concentrated energies that change into less dense energy. At the same time these energies are wirelessly charged of more electricity. As a result the quark expands.

Atoms use all the time their energy, by charging it to themselves wirelessly and continuously.

At the same time these expanding concentrated energies emit energy waves by which they control each other spaces and they keep pushing themselves away from each other as they expand.
The external energy coming towards concentrated energy causes an external pressure which is why energy waves are released from concentrated energy. These waves create an external pressure in the concentrated energy that they come across and so on.

According to entropy, energy of energy particles changes all the time.

Same atom, different energy

Same lake, different water

After this, it is important to understand the motion of energy particles of the visible universe in a new and existing space and how fast this motion is. At once completely away from the space where the energy particles of the visible universe are and for the next moment completely away from the space we were and so on.

In an existing new space which is empty, which does not change at all and does not expand nor bend.

This motion which was not earlier understood is so fast that oncoming tiny particles flap through the visible universe in a moment. During their journey energy is released from them and is stuck on quark and other particles such as photons.

Concentrated energies of the visible universe come from concentrated energy that exists outside the visible universe. This external concentrated energy contains more energy than what it is in the whole visible universe.

This energy bursts and emits energy waves that are like galaxies. The more from its rear sides passes a pushing force towards us, the faster we encounter the oncoming energy and the faster everything expands.

This allows us to explain the how and why of outwards expansion of concentrated energy of the universe in existing space. Additionally this explains also why the expansion is accelerated.

For this reason we can develop scientific experiments by which we could prove theses allegations either to be true or false.

The matter is formed from concentrated energy that moves in an existing space, in a certain direction before it generates any substance. The existence of a new matter begins when a new matter itself is generated. According to this our time (existence) is very slow as compared to the speed of the matter/energy of visible universe in a space that does not expand.

Here is the link where I talk about scientific experiments by which these allegations can be proved.

The small motion that comes out of concentrated energy is caused by a higher inner pressure. In other words, the energy explodes and becomes less dense. This energy cannot longer fit in a place that corresponds to its size. Therefore energy it is pushed away from the center of the concentrated energy in form of small concentrated energy.

The speed and path of concentrated energies change only and only when concentrated energies become faster and less dense from one side than other.

NB: Can anyone figure out why and how space expands? Or explain what the expanding space consists of?

If you cannot describe why and how space expands or why space bends, how is it possible to develop scientific experiments by which this theory can be proved?

Let’s think of airplane that moves at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound.

The sound that moves in backward direction inside the airplane does not get closer to the place where the airplane is coming from.

An airplane carries the air where this sound is moving three times faster than the sound is moving “inside” the air.

Inside the airplane, the air forms an energy field that moves together with the airplane and it is faster than the sound that moves in backwards direction. This way the airplane carries sound faster in the forward direction than in backward direction

In the same way in the visible universe, the energy field formed by concentrated energy carries light forward much faster. The light does not get closer the place where the field is coming from.

This is not too difficult to understand, is it?

If we think of the sound that moves along with the airplane, we understand that the sound is generated from concentrated energy that moves in an existing space in a certain direction.

In the same way in the visible universe the light has always been produced from concentrated energy that moves and moved before the first light was produced in an existing space in a certain direction.

A year ago, asked about this

"If the visible universe very fast is moving away from a rate of one to reverse a point which is really far away from the visible universe outside, so why not find anything what can proof that?"

Now we have been detected this way!

"Detailed measurements made by the satellite have shown that the fluctuations in the microwave background are about 10% stronger on one side of the sky than those on the other.

Sean Carroll conceded that this might just be a coincidence, but pointed out that a natural explanation for this discrepancy would be if it represented a structure inherited from our universe's parent.

Meanwhile, Professor Carroll urged cosmologists to broaden their horizons: "We're trained to say there was no time before the Big Bang, when we should say that we do not know whether there was anything - or if there was, what it was ".

If the Caltech team's work is correct, we may already have the first information about what came before our own Universe. "

Check it out

A year ago, asked about this

"If the nuclei of atoms explode all the time so why not find anything?"

"If we poush away from the Sun, an accelerating pace, so the gas planets should protrude more quickly, that the proportionality is maintained, why there is nothing to suggest, and how the Sun, the future of energy push gas planets quickly reversed out of the Sun?!

Now we have discovered so

(means that the Sun will Neutrino interact with each other and radiate it further away due to the Sun energies more towards the atoms in their cores, which between them operate. Even expanding Neutrino volume increase (bigger neutrino) will bring it further away from the sun hits them more energy, which is becoming a core of atoms and thereby Neutrino explode more of its energies away from itself, the further away the Sun, they are!)


A three year ago, was asked why Onesimpleprinciple does not bode anything.

In this one more of other scenarios!


"Baby Galaxies

Maybe these baby galaxies are from different energyconcentration than older galaxies. If so, then the baby galaxies could be moves to detect this.

Both concentrations of energy, therefore, are located in the visible universe outside and they are expanded, emit energy waves with a galaxy nature.

Heitämpä So ilmoille suspicion here!

RemonttiJukteri "

Now we have discovered so

All the phenomens can be explained by one force and this force is the  pressure. (Don´t forget the power of thought! You also can move yourself by the power of thought! Quite right. You get yourself to move with the help of the muscles . You so you send message of your brains to your muscles and you get yourself to move? What is power/force of this thought, which get you to move there where you want?).

We can describe by people what happens in the atomcores all the time. For example one thousand people can go to the space and curl up close to each other. Now we have made an energyconsentration of people that covers a certain spot of the space. We know that the biggest part of the atoms is empty space. Also between people there exists empty space that does not expand or curve.

Now these people can begin to straighten or in other words to open up and this way they push themselves away from each other. One can observe the hardest pressure in the middle of this human energyconsentration and people who locate in the middle must do an enormeous job so that they woun´t
flatten in the centre. These people in the centre sweat the most. This is excactly the same thing that happens without gravitation for example in the centre of the earth and in the centre of the sun.

The density of the human energyconsentration reduces and the people push themselves away from the centre of the human energyconsentration. Now for a little while we can observe a phenomen of gravitation without a drawing force (that actually does not exist) on the surface of the human energyconsentration.

In my opinion the space does not expand or curve. If it would expand, could you describe how does the space expand?

It is easy to describe how the energy all the time turns into a less dense energy in the atomcores, so I think that it is time to forget all about the magical expanding and curving of the space. You can also forget all the spare spacedimentions, the dark substance and the dark energy.

So the space does not expand or curve!

The atomcores expand and open up expanding electrons and expanding photons and they beam their expanding energy as waves away from themselves. This is how it goes!

When you look at the galaxy, you can understand that the energy inside the galaxy is denser than outside the galaxy. If you look at a star, you can understand that energy inside the star is denser than outside the star. This way you will know for sure that the energy inside the atomcore is denser than outside the atomcore. It is not difficult to understand that the energy inside the protons / neutrons is denser than outside of them and the energy inside the qvarks is denser than outside the qvarks and so on...

It it also easy to realize that outside the visible universe the is an area, where is really much more energy than the visible universe has all together and the energy some where out there is much denser than than it is in a visible universe. Still in that area far away from the visible universe there is no centre point where the energy would be denser than outside it.

That three-dimentionally expanding energyconsentration that bems energywaves with the nature of the galaxies, is formed also from separate three-dimentionally expanding energyconsentrations ect. And so the smaller separate energyconsentrations we talk about, the denser and denser the
energy is all the time.

So the atomcore does not have a centre point, where the energy would be denser than outside it. There is no centre point also at the universe, outside which the energy would be less denser.

Because the MOVEMENT takes place towards a less dense area, then the visible universe MOVES as an entity away from that one point that is really far away from the visible universe and where the energy is much denser than it is in a visible universe.

This website explains through text, images, video and voice (which is fluctuating pressure just like our universe, as I am about to explain), how the universe possibly works.  Some pages will include video clips which attempt to illustrate some of the phenomena. The voice in them is in Finnish, but they contain English subtitles.

I will be publishing more articles on these pages as I get them translated. The instruction page contains some useful tips for browsing these pages.

Scoop from Savo

According to this simple principle (the Savonian theory) the universe consists of only energy and space. Energy is the one and the same energy that has the ability to wrap up into denser space and the ability to open up into less dense energy in space, which does not expand or bend. You can perform an experiment by trying, how a single concentration of energy (you, in this case) can wrap up into smaller space (foetal position), in which less energy is released from you. Then you can try to think how the energy in the core of an atom is always denser and denser, depending on how close the energy is to the center of a separate energy concentration.

Does history repeat itself? People, who believed that the earth was the centre of universe, thought erroneously that the earth stays in its own place and all the celestial objects circle us. Modern theories suggest that all visible objects of the universe mostly stay in a static area in space, which expands in such way that the universe does not expand outwards into existing space. This model requires an additional space dimension, which is rather impossible for people to understand.

The Big Bang

According to the Big Bang theory, in the beginning there was only a very dense concentration of energy and space was created inside this concentration in a big explosion. But what if all this energy begun to open up outwards to a space that already existed?

We do not have to assume that all energy in that concentration opened up evenly. According to my theory, all energy in that concentration begun to push itself away from the center of the concentration while expanding at the same time. When all the energy tried to expand into every direction, it caused an enourmous pressure towards the center, and that pressure kept this energy hot and dense. The farther the energy traveled, the faster it could expand, and thus the faster the movement became.

Let us assume that there was another similar concentration in space, and the energies from these two concentrations collided. As a result, these energies from the two sources no longer had unlimited space to expand into, so instead they were squeezed into separate, smaller concentrations, which then started releasing their own energy waves.

This can explain how smaller particles and separate concentrations were created from two larger concentrations of energy as they were expanding three-dimensionally.

The universe

Are the galaxies of the visible universe particles of some giant three-dimensionally expanding energy waves; Particles, which likewise expand three-dimensionally and release energy waves, which have the characteristics and size of our atomic matter?

What if the visible universe pushes away from a point located really far away beyond the visible universe? What if

And what if towards us comes energy waves which have moved through enourmous distances in space and opened up in much smoother way to a less dense energy so that here and there exist remains of the galaxy centres (thickness of energy) which while hitting for example to the an enormous black hole of our galaxy take with them the energy from there and continue their way towards the centre of an enormous black hole?

Savor say, thank you for people, who translation these text.