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According to my idea the space does not expand or bend.

All the substance as to say mass consists of expanding energyconcentarions. They open up energywaves and with these energyconcentarions one can think that the massconcentrations are bending space, but they don´t bend to a dimple but to the other way round.

A star, for example the sun, is a top of one certain mountain (so to say galaxy), so that this mountain (=sun) declines and expands three-dimentionally opening up energywaves or slopes. The planets rumble in
a slope that opens up from the sun or push themselves away from the sun in a bender orbit at the same ralation as they expand. Finally all the massconcentrations have declined or expanded smoothly to an energy that has
the same density in a space that does not expand or bend.

Is this the time we are united?