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Now you can begin to develop a mathematic equation to my theory!

If I have understood this thing correctly, we can express with a mathematic pattern how a spacecraft loses its mass (its energy)while its its exploding energy that pushes the spacecraft forward increases all the time?

And this pattern should be able to prove mathematically the fact that the speed of the globes atomcores can all the time accelerate away from the centre of the globe at the same relation as the atoms expand three-dimentionally?

I would like to remind you that the three-dimentionally expanding atomcores of the globe do push themselves away from the centre of the globe. Energybundles opening up from the expanding atomcores push the atomcores faster away from the centre of the globe. They transfer their kinetic energy to atomcores with the energywaves that open up themselves.

This is how exploding energybundles keep on striking towards the quarks all the time.